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10th May 2016

Sussex Square


Free Information talk event

Do you want to find out how the Lightning Process can help you get your life back on track?

Free Lightning Process information talk 10th May at 7pm

The theories underlying the Lightning Process include elements of cognitive and behavioural psychology, osteopathic theories, neuro-linguistic programming, hypnotherapy and the latest research from the fields of neuroscience and psychoneuroimmunology. Effectively the Lightning Process training focuses on how the brain and body interact, and teaches you simple yet powerful techniques that enable you to directly influence your health and wellbeing.

Come along to this free one hour information talk and find out how the Lightning Process can benefit you right now. During the hour you will learn:

  • What makes the Lightning Process so effective
  • Why long-term stress is so bad for your health
  • How to rewire the brain and get your life back on track

What others say about the training:

“The Lightning Process provided me with the tools to access more peace and energy within myself. Åsa is a wonderful practitioner, challenging me with a gentleness and compassion that made it easy to go far beyond the boundaries of what I thought possible.”
M.B – Brighton