May, 2016 Wednesday


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4th – 6th May LP seminar

Sussex Square


4th May Lightning Process Seminar

Join this small group training where you will learn how you can influence your life and health with the Lightning Process.

Dates and start times Lightning Process Brighton:

Wednesday 4th May 2016 starting at 11:30am
Thursday 5th May 2016 starting at 11:30am
Friday 6th May 2016 starting at 11:30am
We will be having breaks during the training, and each day finishes around 4:00pm.

The Lightning Process is a three day training course which has transformed the lives of thousands of people with a wide range of conditions and symptoms. People report dramatic improvements to their health and well-being through using this simple and powerful technique. The Lightning Process provides you with tools for fast and effective change from a range of physical and emotional health symptoms – and my promise to you is to inspire and support you to resolve your issues so that you can start living and loving life again.

What others say about the training:

“The Lightning Process provided me with the tools to access more peace and energy within myself. Åsa is a wonderful practitioner, challenging me with a gentleness and compassion that made it easy to go far beyond the boundaries of what I thought possible.”
M.B – Brighton