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Application for the Lightning Process

Before completing this application form we recommend you follow these three simple steps:

  • Decide: Read through this website and please do call with any questions you may have on 07594927616. Also, I recommend you read or listen to the short book “An Introduction to The Lightning Process” (available on Amazon in paperback and kindle). This helps in two ways:
    make an informed decision about whether this is the right course for you, and it prepares you to get the most from your training.
  • Apply: Fill out the form below. At the end you press submit to email it, or you can print it out and post it.
  • Pre-course chat: We chat through what you have understood from the website and the book, any further questions you have, and discuss the application form.

Preparing for your training

The Lightning Process is a training programme, not a treatment or a therapy, so you will be empowered with the knowledge and tools you need to change. Our experience is that if people apply the skills/tools that they learn from doing this course, then they are able to make changes to achieve new levels of health, wellbeing and happiness.

The Lightning Process is all about you and your future. As it is your future, you will have the biggest role to play during the seminar and will need to be very determined. This is why we recommend you have more commitment to the training and success than just ‘wanting to give it a go’. Having said that, you will not be alone on your journey, I will be there for you before, during and after to help you put the Lightning Process into action.


What you can expect from me, your practitioner:

  • I will work with you with care and integrity.
  • I will follow the approved ethical training structure.
  • I am completely committed to you and your success.
  • In return what I expect of you:

  • That you are ready and committed to fully participate and engage in the training and be ready for interesting and fascinating approaches to change.
  • Have you read the book or listened to the audio book? (required)

    Are you willing to fully participate in the discussions, training and coaching sessions?

    Personal Details

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    How did you hear about Åsa and Dance with Life?

    How did you hear about the Lightning Process?

    Personal History

    How would you describe your issues (include medical name and diagnosis if relevant)

    When did your issues/symptoms begin?

    How did they start?

    How has this affected your life?

    Do you believe you can resolve your issues/get better?

    Do you believe you can influence your own health?

    Diagnosing Consultant/Doctor.

    Date of Diagnosis.

    It's important for me to know about your general state of health and health history, both physically and mentally. To help me assess your suitability for the Lightning Process training, please tell me if you have any other health issues that you have not yet mentioned on this form.

    The reason I ask about your past medical history is not because I have medical training, but I need to know if you need help and support in addition to that which I provide.

    The Lightning Process Training

    What do you hope to achieve from the course?

    When you have discovered a way to being well and/or resolved your issues, what would you love to do with your life?

    Do you know or have spoken to anyone who has used the Lightning Process to recover their health?

    Their name if known.

    Have you applied to take the training before?

    If so, which practitioner did you apply to?

    When did you apply?

    What has changed for you since applying to that practitioner?

    Would you like to be accompanied at the seminar?

    If yes, please write the details of the person below, i.e. family member or friend.


    There is no requirement as part of the Lightning Process® for you to share personal information with other members of the group, this is not therapy. However some people may choose to do so. Do you agree to maintain confidentiality with regard to personal information shared by others during the training?

    Payment details

    The fees for taking the Lightning Process training with Åsa Firth at Dance with Life are £650.00 as part of a small group, or £900.00 as a one-to-one (available on request). This includes all pre-course discussions and any coaching required, 3 half-day LP training and course materials, including support CD/audio download, a comprehensive course manual and 3 hours follow-up on phone or Skype. Fees are payable when we have discussed the application and decided to book the training. 50% is taken to book a place on the course, the remaining 50% is due at the time of the training.

    Training agreement

    You should only sign this application form if you agree to the terms and conditions below and if you agree to the following statement: “I understand that the Lightning Process is a training programme. Its purpose is to train me in the tools of the Process, and I realise that simply attending will not guarantee me any results. I recognise the changes I want can best be obtained by fully participating and engaging in the process and continuing to apply it after. I am ready and committed to do this”


    I agree

    If you are under 18 years of age please ask your parent or guardian to read through the form and if they also agree to the terms and conditions, for them to sign the form too.


    I agree

    Relationship to applicant

    Terms and conditions

    Once paid you have seven days to cancel your booking and receive a full refund if training has not commenced. After this fees cannot be refunded in the event of a cancellation on your part, or a failure to complete the training. This is because I run small group trainings with limited spaces and may not be able to replace your space. However, if you cancel at short notice and we are able to fill your space your fees will be refunded. I reserve the right to terminate your training if I feel your continued participation would be unhelpful or unhealthy for you or other members of the training group. A refund in these circumstances will be at my discretion.

    Cancellation of Seminars
    On occasion unforeseen circumstances may make it necessary for me to cancel a course and accordingly I reserve the right to do so. In such circumstances you will be given as much notice as possible and I will either refund the full course fee or, if you request, move the training to an alternative date. Liability for any losses other than the seminar costs will not be accepted.

    All documents you receive as part of your training constitute the intellectual property of Phil Parker and are not to be reproduced, sold or distributed in anyway.

    Copyright Notice
    The purpose of the Process is to apply it to resolve your issue/s. Participation in the Process does not amount in any way to permission to reproduce or train others in any of the techniques or materials (including graphical images, text, audio or visual representation) that are demonstrated or provided.

    Data Protection Policy
    The register of Lightning Process® Practitioners is registered with The Information Commissioners Office and all information is held in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998.

    You can decide to have your attendance certificate logged, together with your name, certificate number and e-mail address with the Lighting Process Head Office. This will: help us with our research and statistics,help us to check that you have received the high standard of care we expect from members of our register and ensure it can be replaced in case of loss.

    If you would like this option, please check the box below.
    I would like my attendance certificate logged with name, email address and certificate number

    In addition to the logging of your details for the purposes outlined above, we would also like to occasionally inform you of relevant developments in the Lightning Process® and its associated programmes. This is an optional service. Your details will never be passed on to anyone else for any reason. Please select the option YES below if you wish to receive occasional and relevant correspondence from us about this.
    I would like to hear about relevant developments in the Lightning Process and associated programmes.

    In order to conduct further research into the Lightning Process® we would like to contact you at regular intervals to monitor your progress. We will not use any details by which you may be identified in any statistics that we produce. Please check the box if you agree to this

    Thank you for filling in this form, we will confirm we have received your application by email.