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Welcome to Dance with Life

Are you fed up with not feeling well? Have you tried everything but still not getting the results you want? Then you have come to the right place! Our promise to you is to support and inspire you to make the changes you want in your life, so that you can be healthy, happy and emotionally balanced.

The Lightning Process is a 3-day training programme that teaches you about the science behind the brain-body connection, and gives you simple and powerful tools that directly influence your health and life. The Lightning Process is not therapy or a treatment, which means you are active in your success. You don’t just put your health in the hands of an expert – you become the expert of how your body works.



How does the Lightning Process work?

It’s a training – not a therapy

You’ll learn simple and powerful techniques that can have a direct and immediate effect on your health.

Your body on stress

Many health problems are caused by prolonged exposure to stress. With the LP you learn how to break that cycle.

Rewire your brain

The brain has a phenomenal ability to change very quickly simply by being used differently. The LP teaches you how.

Examine your beliefs

Holding on to limiting beliefs about what is possible, is one of the main reasons people stay stuck in ill health.



Åsa Firth

Lightning Process practitioner

Hello and welcome, my name is Åsa and I help people change their lives. I am a Lightning Process practitioner, Clinical Hypnotherapist, Master NLP Practitioner and Life Coach. And although I am not a conventional dance teacher I do teach my clients a very important dance. To metaphorically dance with life. Imagine for a moment, that no matter what life threw at you, you would remain calm, rational and focused. That is what dancing with life is all about, and and that is what I will teach you.

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